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New York construction workers put their lives on the line every day to make a paycheck and provide for their families. That's why we take construction accidents so seriously at Giampa Law. Our Bronx construction accident attorneys know that a construction accident can instantly turn a person's life upside down. You might not be able to work for weeks or months, if ever again. Unpaid bills can add up fast. Insurance companies can be uncooperative. And if you've lost a loved one in a fatal construction accident, the battle may be even harder.

Knowing what to do after a severe construction accident in New York can be overwhelming. Even understanding your rights as an injured construction worker can be confusing. That's why it's critical that you contact our law firm immediately. We can explain all the legal options available to you and help you decide the best strategy for making sure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. Some of our notable construction accident verdicts and settlements include:

  • $3.55 million verdict in Bronx County 
  • $3.5 million settlement in Westchester County

Schedule a free consultation at our Bronx office today. We can also meet with you in your home, your hospital room or wherever works best for you. We understand the urgency of your injury and we want to help you get your life back on track as soon as possible.

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    Common questions about Bronx construction accident injuries

    How common are construction site accidents in New York?

    Out of 4,674 worker fatalities in private industry in 2017, 971 or 20.7% were in construction — that is, one in five worker deaths last year were in construction.

    Sixteen construction workers died in accidents in New York City over the last one-year period. Deaths are up 33 percent in the past five years, while injuries have jumped a staggering 221 percent. The skyrocketing number of NYC construction site accidents are due to:

    • A booming construction industry
    • Unscrupulous employers
    • Construction is by nature a dangerous job

    NYC Department of Buildings Deputy Commissioner of Enforcement Tim Hogan estimates a quarter of the city’s 45,000 construction sites are not in compliance with safety protocols. He said the city is trying to protect workers through site inspections and safety training programs.

    Who investigates New York City construction site accidents?

    OSHA, New York state or city officials and the construction company may all investigate your accident. Just because they’re investigating your accident doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the compensation you deserve for your accident. They may only be focused on determining what caused your accident, not whether you’re fairly compensated for it. That’s why you need a Bronx construction site accident lawyer working for you and protecting your legal rights.

    What do I need to do next if I get hurt on the job?

    You need to take immediate action to protect your health – and your legal rights. As soon as possible after your work injury, you need to:

    • Get medical attention, even if you feel okay. A medical exam may reveal serious injuries with delayed-onset symptoms. This also helps you to document your injury if you later need to file a claim.
    • Notify your employer right away. This helps you protect your rights. Follow your employer’s protocol for reporting an on-the-job injury. Although you legally can report an injury verbally, it’s best to do it in writing, so you have a record of making the report. You need to notify your manager or supervisor, not a coworker.
    • Contact a NYC work injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer can deal with insurance companies and fight for the compensation you deserve.

    Do I need a lawyer after a construction accident in New York?

    Knowing what to do after a construction accident can be confusing. Many workers believe that they will be taken care of if they just tell their boss about an accident, but in many cases, that simply isn't true. Construction workers need to understand their legal rights and options in the wake of an accident, especially if a negligent third party is involved.

    Getting compensation after a work injury seems straightforward: just fill out the paperwork and receive workers’ comp. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. There are multiple forms, deadlines, appointments and court appearances. Not to mention the constant battle of keeping your guard up for employers and insurance adjusters that try to downplay your injury to save money. Hiring an experienced attorney can make a meaningful difference.

    How can a NYC construction accident lawyer help me?

    Having an experienced, New York City construction accident lawyer on your side can level the playing field. Instead of construction companies or insurance providers dictating what happens to you, you can set the agenda.

    An attorney can help you with your construction accident case in many different ways, including:

    • Conducting an independent investigation of your construction accident.
    • Helping you file the necessary paperwork with your employer notifying them of your construction accident injury.
    • Making sure you meet all the mandatory deadlines for applying for compensation for your construction accident in New York state.
    • Helping you get the medical care you need and deserve during your recovery.
    • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf if necessary.
    • Filing a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for your injury if applicable.
    • Representing you in court if necessary.
    • Filing an appeal if your application for benefits is denied.

    How long do I have to file a construction injury claim in New York?

    If you are hurt on the job, you should immediately notify your supervisor, not a co-worker. They will then report the injury to the New York Workers' Compensation Board and your employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. By law, injured workers are required to file Form C-3 (Employee's Claim for Compensation) with the WCB within two years from the date of the accident.

    Types of Construction Accidents

    Our law firm can help you and your family if you're dealing with any of the following construction accidents in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York:

    This is not an exhaustive list. Whatever type of construction accident you're dealing with, no matter how minor or serious it might seem, make sure you speak with an experienced Bronx construction accident lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. A delay could affect your ability to recover compensation.  Visit our Construction Accident FAQ page for more information on how we handle these cases.

    The Law's On Your Side

    New York State has strict labor laws and regulations involving construction sites. Such laws include requiring companies to implement safety measures and allow mandatory on-site inspections. Many construction-related injuries are the result of a construction company's failure to follow these laws, rules and regulations created by the City and State of New York.

    When a worker is involved in the demolition, construction or alteration of a structure, Labor Law 240 (accidents involving falls from elevated work places) and Labor Law 241 (accidents involving dangerous conditions not related to elevation) have been put in place to hold the safety managers responsible for their failure to adequately safeguard the dangerous condition. Under New York Labor Law 200, a construction company may also be liable for any general negligence by their employees which results in a worksite injury.

    Why You Need A Lawyer

    Injured construction workers in New York are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits from their employers if they are hurt on the job. Many people think such benefits will be enough or that they can't take legal action after a construction accident. But the reality is you and your family can often pursue legal action after an accident. That's why you need us on your side.

    While you are barred from suing your own employer, if someone other than your employer was responsible for your accident, you can take legal action against that person or company - this is called a "third-party" claim. In particular, construction workers injured on the job by someone working for another company can often file a lawsuit against that other company. Such injuries may involve third-party claims against the property owner, general contractor and/or sub-contractors who cause an accident. Many times, third-party lawsuits result in substantially larger monetary awards than filing a workers' compensation claim alone.

    Get results. Get Giampa

    That's why it's critical that you meet with our attorneys as soon as possible. We will work with you to obtain your full financial recovery. We'll meticulously prepare your case and keep you informed throughout the process. As part of our winning strategy, we regularly consult with economists, life care planners and vocational experts to fully analyze your lost earnings and future earning potential. We also often seek advice from accident reconstruction experts when analyzing medical records, inspection reports and other important documents.

    Remember, you didn't do anything wrong. You shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes. If someone broke the law and caused your construction accident, we will not rest until we hold them accountable for their actions. That's the way we work at Giampa Law. We believe injury victims deserve justice.

    Concussions at Construction Sites

    There’s a reason the most iconic piece of safety equipment on a construction site is a hard hat: the risk of head injuries is substantial. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) that occurs when the brain strikes the inside of the skull, usually because of blunt force trauma. At construction sites, concussions can be caused by:

    • Falls from heights
    • Trip and falls
    • Unmarked hazards
    • Falling objects
    • Vehicle and heavy equipment accidents

    Construction companies are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for workers, and that includes concussion prevention. If your injury occurred due to negligence or defective safety equipment, you may be able to file a third-party lawsuit for the cost of your concussion. Remember, there’s no such thing as a minor brain injury; the long-term costs can be substantial, and you deserve to be fairly compensated.

    If you sustained a head or brain injury at a construction site, we’ll take your case seriously from start to finish. Contact Giampa Law for a free consultation.

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    Fall From Heights

    Injuries caused by falling at construction sites are common in New York. Some of the most common construction accidents involving falling from a height include:

    • Falling from ladders
    • Falling from roofs
    • Falling from scaffolding around unfinished buildings

    Construction workers also often sustain serious injuries falling through holes in the floor, especially at active construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has even created special rules involving holes at construction sites. OSHA requires all holes in flooring or walls to be marked with warning signs and for a railing system to be installed around such hazards. These rules are meant to protect workers from falling and sustaining serious injuries.

    Our attorneys thoroughly understand these OSHA regulations and many other city, state and federal laws involving construction accidents. That's why we have such a strong track record of success in such cases. In one case in particular, our attorneys obtained a $3.5 million settlement for a construction worker injured in a falling accident in New York. Find out how we can help you. Schedule an appointment with our law firm today.

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    Construction accidents caused by electrocution can cause serious injuries. Fatalities caused by such accidents are also common. That's because construction workers often handle high-powered machines or work around high-voltage equipment. And in nearly every case, construction workers get electrocuted because someone failed to follow the proper safety measures or take the necessary precautions to prevent injuries, including:

    • Burns: Contact with an electric current can cause burns and blisters on the skin.
    • Cardiac arrest: As a high-voltage current travels through your body, it can cause cardiac arrest or heart failure.
    • Irregular heartbeat: Low-voltage currents can affect the heart, causing irregular heartbeats and arrhythmias to occur.
    • Seizures: An electric current traveling through the brain can result in a seizure or other brain disorder.
    • Muscle, tissue and nerve damage: Electric currents in the body can cause muscle spasms, swelling of connective tissue and nerve damage.

    Construction workers may come in contact with live electrical wires that have not been grounded. Other times, workers get injured due to defective electrical equipment, faulty electrical wiring or unmarked electrical hazards.

    Whatever the circumstances of your electrical injury, an attorney at Giampa Law can work with you and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. If someone violated safety codes that resulted in your injury, you may have grounds to file an electrocution lawsuit in New York State or district courts. That's why it's critical that you talk to a lawyer at our law firm right away.

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    Eye and Vision Injuries

    You rely on your eyes to do your job, and there are many hazards at a construction site that can threaten your vision. Eye injuries at construction sites often occur due to:

    • Explosions
    • Fires
    • Exposure to hazardous chemicals
    • Objects in eye

    From blurred vision to permanent blindness, construction-related eye injuries can dramatically change a person's life and ability to earn a living. That’s why construction companies and property owners have a responsibility to protect workers’ eye safety. Unfortunately, that responsibility is often not met. If you sustained an injury, you have legal recourse, and we will fight for your rights.

    Giampa Law will investigate the circumstances that led to your eye injury and help you take legal action to pursue the long-term compensation you deserve for the costs of that injury. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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    Falling Object

    New York construction workers often require emergency medical treatment after being hit by a falling object at work. Some injuries are so severe that injured workers require surgery, extensive follow-up medical care and cannot work for weeks or months. Fatal injuries caused by falling objects also sometimes occur at New York construction sites, especially when working in unfinished high-rise buildings.

    Objects that can fall and cause serious injuries cover a wide range, including:

    • Pipes, drywall, steel girders and other building materials
    • Building debris
    • Power tools
    • Materials dropped from a crane
    • Cranes collapsing and falling onto workers

    Whatever object fell and hit you or a loved one, it's critical that you contact our law firm right away to discuss your legal rights. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to successfully file a lawsuit against the person or company that caused your New York construction accident.

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    Caught Between Materials

    Whether it's heavy machinery, building materials or large objects, construction workers often sustain serious injuries when they get trapped or crushed between objects at construction sites in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York.

    Forklifts operated incorrectly or by inexperienced forklift drivers sometimes cause severe injuries. Other times, improperly secured items such as dry wall, pipes or other, large building materials can come loose and crush someone working on a construction site. Construction workers involved in demolition work can also become trapped underneath materials that falls on them. When these accidents occur, the injuries can often be very serious. Broken bones, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and other serious internal injuries (including organ damage) are common. Sadly, so are fatalities due to being crushed between two large objects.

    Whatever the circumstances surrounding your injury, make sure you make our law firm your legal advocate. Our accident attorneys have decades of experience handling such accidents in the Bronx and beyond in greater New York City.

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    Burn Injury

    Fire and hot or hazardous materials are a serious concern on construction sites in New York. That's why OSHA and other regulatory agencies created a wide range of rules and regulations related to fire safety.

    Unfortunately, fires and explosions can occur on construction sites, resulting in serious burn injuries. A construction site most likely has both permanent and temporary electrical wiring throughout the project. If precautions are not taken to protect workers, faulty wiring can cause fires resulting in burn injuries. Other times, construction workers sustain burn injuries in blowtorch accidents or due to direct contact with hazardous materials or extremely hot surfaces, such as hot water pipes, heating vents or dangerously hot equipment. Chemical burns and steam burns also sometimes occur on construction sites.

    Burn injuries can range from mild first-degree burns on the surface of the skin to severe third-degree burns that penetrate the skin and cause internal damage to bone, muscle and other body parts. Severe burns often require weeks or months of recovery time and surgery to repair such damage. In certain extreme cases, burn injuries can even result in death.

    Whatever type of burn injury you’re dealing with, we can help. You may be eligible for compensation though a third-party personal injury lawsuit.

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    Hurt By Machinery

    Hand-held power tools and other types of machines frequently found at construction sites in New York can cause serious accidents. These accidents frequently result in severe injuries, including amputation, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and head injuries. Some of the most common types of machinery accidents at construction accidents include:

    • Blowtorch accidents (burn injuries and amputation are common, as well as explosions involving blowtorches)
    • Cement mixer accidents (construction workers can fall into large cement mixers, become caught in the machinery or be crushed by improperly secured cement mixers.)
    • Circular saw accidents (carpenters and other construction workers often lose fingers, entire hands or sustain other serious injuries in accidents involving flying debris, direct contact with the blade or the circular saw kicking back towards the saw operator.)
    • Conveyor belt accidents (construction workers sometimes sustain injuries when their hands or arms get caught in conveyor belts. Improperly installed conveyor belts or manufacturer defects can also cause conveyor belts to collapse and injure workers.)

    These types of injuries can be caused by inexperienced operators, defective equipment, hazardous work conditions and other types of negligence. In short, most are preventable. If you were injured by someone else’s negligence, you have legal rights.

    Don't simply assume that workers' compensation will cover all your expenses related to your machinery accident. You could have a legitimate legal case against the company that manufactured these machines or the company that installed or provided them at your construction site. That's why it's critical that you contact our law firm immediately.

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    Nail Gun Accidents

    Nail guns are a common tool used at many New York construction sites, but these devices are known to cause thousands of serious injuries nationwide to workers each year. Nail gun accidents hospitalize more construction workers than any other tool-related injury. These numbers increase substantially when a worker is using a multi-shot contact trigger as opposed to using a single-shot trigger nail gun. Not only are nail guns dangerous to the person using the tool, but the guns are dangerous to all people who work beside them.

    Many contractors fail to adhere to six practical steps which can greatly reduce the risk of injury. These steps are:

    1. Use of a full sequential trigger nail gun;
    2. Provide appropriate work site training;
    3. Establish a site-specific nail gun work procedure;
    4. Provide workers with personal protective equipment;
    5. Encourage accident reporting and full disclosure of injuries and close calls; and
    6. Provide immediate first aid and medical treatment

    A contractor's failure to adhere to the above steps may hold them responsible for a worker's injuries. Nail gun accidents can cause severe injury or even death. As these powerful tools become more popular, the amount of injuries resulting from their use is on the rise as well. If you or a loved one has been injured by the use of a nail gun, please contact our law firm for a free legal consultation. We handle nail gun accidents in the Bronx and throughout the greater New York City area.

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    Heat Exhaustion/Heatstroke

    Temperatures at construction sites in New York City can skyrocket, especially during the summer. But you don't need to be working on a skyscraper or a demolition project in July or August in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York to suffer from heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Construction workers can become dangerously overheated and suffer a stroke or heart attack any time of the year.

    Construction companies need to make sure construction sites are properly ventilated and cooled to prevent heat exhaustion. That's why OSHA recommends companies take precautions to protect workers if the temperature of a work site exceeds 91 degrees. OSHA has different recommendations based on temperature of the work site. Specifically, OSHA advises companies to take "aggressive protective measures" if the temperature exceeds 115 degrees. Warning signs that someone might be suffering from heat exhaustion or heatstroke include headaches, weakness, confusion, difficulty moving and losing consciousness.

    Roofers, welders, demolition workers, asbestos removal workers, and anyone who needs to wear a Hazmat suit are particularly vulnerable to heatstroke or heat exhaustion. But anyone can be at risk if proper precautions aren’t taken on the site. Often, the negligence of a general contractor, property manager, or equipment manufacturer is to blame for cases of heatstroke. Our attorneys can assess the circumstances of your accident and help you determine if you have a legal case.

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    Trench Collapse

    Trenches in New York City can be very dangerous places to work. There's always the danger of trenches collapsing while workers are working inside them. As little as one cubic yard of soil can weigh up to 3,000 pounds. That's the equivalent of a small car. And collapses can happen quickly, allowing very little time for workers to get out of the way.

    Regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require that excavating companies provide proper safeguards when digging trenches five feet or deeper. These safeguards include:

    • Sloping: For trench walls that are likely to collapse, digging an angled slope along the walls will prevent a cave-in.
    • Benching: Digging a vertical and horizontal bench alongside a sloped trench wall can prevent an avalanche of soil from caving in.
    • Shoring/Shielding: This involves placing a wood or steel support system to prevent soil from moving in a trench.

    In addition, material excavated from the trench must also be placed far enough away from the trench so the weight of the materials does not cause the trench to cave in and collapse. Many construction companies also use trench boxes to provide adequate support and protect workers. After safeguards have been put in place, a trench must be inspected by someone specifically trained to recognize and correct hazards on a daily basis.

    Trench collapse accidents often occur because a company failed to properly secure the trench and take other safety precautions. When companies fail to take these precautions and a trench collapses, injured workers may be able to take legal action against the company and obtain financial compensation for their injuries. Contact our law firm immediately if you or a loved one has been injured in a trench collapse accident in New York. We can explain all the legal options available to you.

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    Hit By Vehicle

    Construction workers are often struck by vehicles while working at construction sites in New York City. In an instant, you or a loved one can sustain a serious injury due to being hit by a car or truck driven by a passing motorist in a road work zone, or by a construction vehicle driven by someone else working at the same construction site. When an injury involves a large vehicle such as a dump truck or a cement mixer, serious injuries can follow.

    As with any auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the motorist who hit you. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, other parties involved with the construction site may also be liable for your injuries. That's why it's so important to have an experienced attorney from our law firm on your side, investigating your accident and creating your legal strategy.

    Contact us if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a vehicle at a construction site in the Bronx or elsewhere in New York. The laws governing accidents involving construction vehicles in New York can be very complex, and we have the experience to sort out what happened and find your path to the compensation you need and deserve.

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