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People judge law firms based on their case results. That's why we're proud of the verdicts and settlements our attorneys have secured for injury victims and their families in the Bronx and throughout the greater New York City Metropolitan Area. We know that results are about more than just money. They're about holding people accountable for their actions. It's about protecting people's rights. It's about justice.

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    $7,500,000.00 Settlement – Personal Injury/Wrongful Death – Bronx County.

    Our clients were a family of three injured by smoke damage during a fire in their apartment building. The father, mother, and one-year-old daughter were all injured due to smoke inhalation, with the father ultimately passing away several days later as a result. After many years of litigation and negotiations, the family was able to collectively obtain a settlement in the amount of $7.5 million.


    $6,800,000.00 Verdict – Bus/Scooter Accident – Nassau County.

    Our client was struck by a county bus while legally operating a licensed motor scooter, suffering severe injuries including multiple bone fractures and a long term stay in the hospital. Defendant bus company argued it was the fault of the plaintiff.  Prior to trial, the bus company offered a top settlement of $275,000.00.  Plaintiff was able to obtain a 100% liability verdict against the bus company and a jury award totaling over $6.8 million for past and future damages.


    $5,000,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death – Kings County.

    A 37-year-old female died after complications that occurred as a result of a transected mesenteric artery which occurred during an exploratory laparotomy and reversal of an ileostomy.  The transection led to her losing her entire small intestine; she received a transplanted small intestine but within a year developed graft v. host disease and passed away. She was an executive at a major clothing store at the time of her operation.


    $3,558,000.00 Verdict Workplace Accident Bronx County. 

    Plaintiff, a building porter in a co-op building, was hit in the shoulder and back with a falling brick while loading the building's trash compactor. Plaintiff sustained a shoulder injury requiring arthroscopic surgery and claimed permanent injury and an inability to work. Jury rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff, finding the building owner liable for his physical injuries.


    $3,500,000.00 Settlement Construction Site AccidentWestchester County. 

    Plaintiff, while working as a carpenter on a major shopping mall construction site, fell through an unmarked hole and sustained a severe broken ankle requiring emergency surgery. Plaintiff claimed permanent injury and an inability to work. A settlement was negotiated prior to the jury verdict.


    $3,340,000.00 Verdict – Lead Paint Poisoning – Orange County.

    The plaintiffs were two sisters who were diagnosed with lead poisoning as a result of lead paint in their family home in Orange County, New York. This verdict was obtained from a bench trial/inquest.


    $2,506,666.00 Verdict Podiatric Malpractice Bronx County. 

    During an arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn ligament, the defendant podiatrist failed to visualize and avoid the hallucis longus tendon, causing a laceration of the tendon. Plaintiff had preexisting fibromyalgia and diabetes but lost permanent flexion in her left foot as a result of the malpractice.


    $2,200,000.00 Settlement – Construction Site Accident – Bronx County.

    The plaintiff, a laborer, received soft tissue neck injuries requiring a single level fusion when he was struck by a vehicle while unloading a scaffolding truck along a main roadway. Case settled after partial summary judgment was obtained.


    $1,800,000.00 Settlement – Bus Accident – Queens County

    The plaintiff was an unemployed female student who was injured while she was a passenger on a NYC Transit bus. Liability was split between the bus and the private driver.  The plaintiff underwent conservative treatment for a herniation in her lumbar spine, eventually had a spinal fusion surgery which was unsuccessful, and later had a subsequent surgery to stabilize her sacroiliac joint.  The settlement was agreed upon after the fifth day of jury selection.


    $1,750,000.00 Settlement – Workplace Accident/Wrongful Death – Westchester County.

    In a multi-plaintiff lawsuit, we represented the families of two non-union laborers who died as a result of a gas tank explosion on a residential property.  Both were South American male workers in their 50s. A third plaintiff we represented received a settlement for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for witnessing the death of his friends.


    $1,600,000.00 Settlement Elevator Repair Accident New York County. 

    Plaintiff, an elevator repairman, was struck in the head by a malfunctioning elevator. Plaintiff claimed permanent head injuries including seizure disorder. Case settled prior to a jury verdict.


    $1,500,000.00 Verdict Pedestrian Car Accident Bronx County. 

    While crossing the street, the plaintiff was struck by the defendant motorist causing extensive injuries. Plaintiff claimed a permanent inability to ambulate without assistance. Jury awarded $2,500,000.00 but rendered the plaintiff 40% responsible. After this reduction due to comparative negligence, her damages totaled $1,500,000.00.


    $1,500,000.00 Award – Civil Rights/Wrongful Death – New York Court of Claims.

    We represented the family of a Bronx man who died by suicide in a state prison in upstate New York. Our investigation found that the prison failed to meet its duty of care to prevent his death by ignoring multiple warning signs, failing to place him under supervision, and failing to intervene even when a corrections officer saw him standing on his bed. After the death, his body was secretively buried on the prison grounds and his family was not notified, only finding out two months later when his father called to check on him. The award included $1,100,000 for the inmate’s conscious pain and suffering during his final moments, as well as $400,000 for his father’s loss of sepulcher. This case was featured in numerous media outlets, including The New Yorker.


    $1,500,000.00 Settlement – Rear-End Accident – Bronx County.

    Our client sustained neck and back injuries resulting in surgery in a rear-end accident that was never reported to police. We obtained a settlement of $1.5 million.


    $1,475,000.00 SettlementTrip & FallBronx County. 

    Plaintiff, a 55-year-old customer in a department store, was caused to trip and fall on a cracked floor tile. The tile had been previously flagged by the department store management team as a dangerous tripping hazard. As a result of the fall, the plaintiff sustained injury to her knee and lower back, both of which required surgery. Plaintiff was employed as a home health aide at the time of the accident and was rendered disabled as a result of the accident.


    $1,400,000.00 Settlement – Rear-End Car Accident – Bronx County.

    Plaintiff was involved in a rear-end accident while in the course of his employment and driving a company van. He sustained a cervical neck injury that required surgery on his cervical spine. We obtained a settlement of $1.4 million.


    $1,300,000.00 Settlement Pedestrian Car Accident/Workers Compensation Bronx County.

    Plaintiff, a delivery person for a grocery store, was struck by a vehicle while returning from a delivery. Plaintiff alleges she was provided a malfunctioning delivery cart which impeded her ability to avoid the accident. Giampa Law was able to secure a global settlement of $1,300,000.00 satisfying both her personal injury and workers' compensation claims.


    $1,300,000.00 Settlement Premises Liability Queens County. 

    Plaintiff, a delivery truck driver, was dropping off a delivery to a catering hall facility and slipped and fell on hazardous basement steps. The case settled prior to trial.


    $1,300,000.00 Recovery – Pedestrian Accident – Bronx County.

    Plaintiff, a pedestrian hit in a crosswalk, suffered a soft-tissue lower back injury.


    $1,250,000.00 Settlement – Wrongful Death/Work Accident – Westchester County.

    We obtained this settlement for the family of a nonunion laborer who was injured in an accident involving the unloading of a dumpster, dying within minutes.


    $1,200,000.00 SettlementWork Related AccidentQueens County. 

    Plaintiff was an electrician who was injured while descending into a manhole and fell due to a hazardous ladder. Plaintiff sustained a permanent soft tissue back injury. This case was settled prior to a Jury verdict.


    $1,000,000.00 VerdictMedical MalpracticeBronx County. 

    Plaintiff, an inmate, was neglected treatment by the correctional facility for a medical condition, resulting in permanent erectile dysfunction. A jury rendered a verdict in favor of the plaintiff.


    $1,000,000.00 Recovery – Motorcycle Accident – Kings County.

    Plaintiff was injured in a motorcycle accident. Defendant vehicle claimed to only have $25,000.00 insurance, but we were able to acquire a $1,000,000.00 commercial policy after litigation. This case was rejected by two prior law firms.


    $950,000.00 Settlement – Pedestrian Accident – Bronx County.

    Plaintiff was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street in the Bronx, sustaining a skull fracture. The case was settled for $950,000.00 even though the injury did not require surgery.


    $930,000.00 SettlementBar/Pub Premises Liability and Assault Westchester County.

    Plaintiff was a bar patron involved in an altercation with another patron who was intoxicated. Police arrived and the bar staff hid the intoxicated individual in the basement. Later that night, the assailant tracked down the plaintiff and attacked him with a knife. Plaintiff alleged that the bar over-served the patron and obstructed a police investigation allowing the assault to occur. Plaintiff claimed damages of a near-fatal stab wound and permanent scarring. The case was settled with all defendants prior to a jury verdict.


    $900,000.00 Settlement Lead Paint Bronx County. 

    Plaintiff, an infant, lived with his parents in an apartment which was contaminated with lead paint, causing him to be diagnosed with lead poisoning at the age of 3. Plaintiff claimed permanent cognitive and learning disabilities. The case was settled prior to trial.


    $900,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Bronx County.

    Plaintiff received this settlement for amputation of a leg at the knee due to failure to diagnose gangrene.


    $860,000.00 Settlement Premises Liability New York County. 

    Plaintiff, a 70-year-old restaurant patron, slipped and fell on a slippery wet floor while walking to the bathroom sustaining a broken hip. Plaintiff needed surgery and claimed a permanent limp. The case was settled prior to trial.


    $800,000.00 Settlement Medical Malpractice Orange County. 

    Plaintiff, a 23-year-old woman, was negligently prescribed Accutane medication from her dermatologist causing severe side effects. The case settled prior to trial.


    $770,000.00 Settlement – Truck Accident – Queens County.

    Plaintiff was a union truck driver who was rear-ended while driving an attenuator vehicle. He sustained a soft tissue injury to the neck as well as arthroscopic knee surgery.


    $750,000.00 Verdict Medical Malpractice Court of Claims. 

    Plaintiff, a New York State inmate, was failed to be diagnosed with testicular cancer causing a delay in treatment and surgery. Plaintiff claimed severe injury and metastasis of the disease. The verdict was rendered in favor of the plaintiff by a New York State Judge.


    $750,000.00 SettlementMotor Vehicle Accident Westchester County. 

    Plaintiff, an off-duty EMS worker, was driving when he was struck by a vehicle making an illegal left hand turn. Plaintiff sustained a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery and claimed that he could no longer return to full duty as an EMS driver. This case was settled prior to trial.


    $750,000.00 Recovery – Wrongful Death – Orange County.

    This recovery was on behalf of the family of a child who died at school when she fell off a countertop.


    $750,000.00 Settlement – Personal Injury – Bronx County.

    Plaintiff was a retired woman who fell off a furniture display at a department store. She sustained a fractured finger, knee injury, and neck injury.


    $685,000.00 Recovery – Work Injury – Kings County.

    This recovery was for a truck driver who fell off the back of his own truck while picking up a delivery from a food manufacturer. He sustained a fractured elbow and shoulder injury.


    $600,000.00 Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Bronx County.

    This recovery was from a medical malpractice action instituted against a surgeon who performed a hernia mesh repair on a 70-year-old woman. The hernia mesh repair caused a small intestinal blockage shortly after the operation. Case was settled prior to selecting a jury.


    $575,000.00 – Premises Liability/Work Injury – Bronx County.

    Recovery was obtained from a general contractor and premises owner for an action involving a 58-year-old electrician who fell from a ladder which did not have proper safety features, fracturing his non-dominant wrist.  As a result of the injury, the client was forced to retire early. The settlement came prior to all depositions, shortly after the plaintiff was successful in transferring the case from Westchester County to Bronx County.

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