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NYC Garbage Trucks in More Accidents

New York City is a massive city, boasting a population of over 8.5 million people in an area of 304.6 square miles. It comes as no surprise that such a large city produces a lot of trash, enough to support 20 companies dedicated to commercial trash pick-up. The Department of Sanitation handles residential waste. Due...

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When You’re Hit by an Uber Driver

What happens when you're hit by an Uber driver? What about when you're the passenger and your driver is involved in a traffic accident? How do the ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, handle such liability in these cases? This may be surprising, but the companies are rarely sued directly with any success. Less oversight means...

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New Database Tracks Construction Accident Stats

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, has created a database of accident and fatality statistics from construction sites. This database is designed to help researchers more easily examine accident and fatality data in order to better see trends or problems in the industry. The researchers behind this database are hoping that...

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Parking Lots Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Parking lots pose one of the most underestimated dangers for drivers and pedestrians. With speed limits of 10 miles per hour, they may not seem like accident-prone areas. For this reason, many drivers and pedestrians let their guard down with the belief that parking lot accidents rarely cause any harm. But parking lots can be...

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Winter Weather and Construction Accidents

Winters in New York City are notorious for being tough, but the city's construction workers have braved the cold conditions for generations to build the city we call home. That being said, the winter weather adds to the risks that construction workers everywhere face, requiring additional seasonal awareness. EHS Today suggests that to improve site...

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Private and Charter Bus Accidents

It happens enough to make the nightly news. A charter or private bus crashes. Sometimes it happens in the middle of a city street while the sun is shining. Other times, the scene unfolds on desolate interstates well after midnight. Regardless of the circumstances, the story is often laced with tragedy. These are school kids,...

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More Non-union Job Sites Lead to More Fatalities

A decrease in unions and inspections threatens the safety of construction sites As the number of construction projects in New York City continue to rise, so do the number of construction accident fatalities. There has been an 18% increase in the number of work permits and construction projects in recent years, with only 71 Occupational...

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Fatal Construction Accidents Put Safety in Spotlight

Pair of fatal Manhattan construction accidents raise concerns over workplace safety In late September, a pair of construction accidents claimed the lives of two Manhattan workers just hours apart from one another. The accidents sent shockwaves through a city already struggling to curb construction-related accidents, with the fatalities representing the city's sixth and seventh of...

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Construction Deaths Draw Attention to Proposed Law

With all of the new work happening in and around New York City, the threat of construction accidents is a constant concern for those building and maintaining our roads and iconic skyline. This concern is the focus of a bill that has been pending in city council since this past spring, which is still undergoing...

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