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New York City Distracted Pedestrian Problem A Myth

New York City is one of the most pedestrian-friendly places in the United States. In fact, many residents prefer to walk rather than drive here.  Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths have been rising steadily for more than a decade. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrian deaths have risen 27 percent between 2007 and 2016. Additionally, an estimated 5,984 pedestrians were killed across...

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Garbage Truck Wheel Kills Brooklyn Motorist

There are over 200 private waste management companies operating within New York City — an enormous number compared to your average city. This means there are well over a thousand trucks navigating the crowded streets of the city, at all times of the day. New Yorkers should be confident that these trucks meet safety standards....

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The Risk of Returning to Work After a Back Injury

Serious injuries can be life-changing, keep you out of work, and create difficulties when you return to work. This is especially true for physically demanding work, such as construction, emergency services, and other trades. While you preferably wouldn’t go back to work until fully recovered, you still need to be aware of some limitations. If...

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NYC Unveils New Harlem Safety Plan for Bridges

When many of the bridges over the Harlem River were built, they didn't focus on the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. They were built with cars in mind. "Pedestrians and cyclists [were] often an afterthought, if that," says DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. Only five of the 11 crossings have bike path connections, and many pedestrian crossings...

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NYC Taking Steps to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

In a disturbing trend nationwide, pedestrian fatalities are rising. They have risen 46 percent since 2009 and look to be an emerging public health crisis. This rate outpaces the growth of another trend, which is the growth of overall traffic deaths. In 2016, there were nearly 6,000 pedestrian deaths, more than the total amount of...

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NYC Garbage Trucks in More Accidents

New York City is a massive city, boasting a population of over 8.5 million people in an area of 304.6 square miles. It comes as no surprise that such a large city produces a lot of trash, enough to support 20 companies dedicated to commercial trash pick-up. The Department of Sanitation handles residential waste. Due...

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When You’re Hit by an Uber Driver

What happens when you're hit by an Uber driver? What about when you're the passenger and your driver is involved in a traffic accident? How do the ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, handle such liability in these cases? This may be surprising, but the companies are rarely sued directly with any success. Less oversight means...

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New Database Tracks Construction Accident Stats

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, or NIOSH, has created a database of accident and fatality statistics from construction sites. This database is designed to help researchers more easily examine accident and fatality data in order to better see trends or problems in the industry. The researchers behind this database are hoping that...

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Parking Lots Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Parking lots pose one of the most underestimated dangers for drivers and pedestrians. With speed limits of 10 miles per hour, they may not seem like accident-prone areas. For this reason, many drivers and pedestrians let their guard down with the belief that parking lot accidents rarely cause any harm. But parking lots can be...

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Winter Weather and Construction Accidents

Winters in New York City are notorious for being tough, but the city's construction workers have braved the cold conditions for generations to build the city we call home. That being said, the winter weather adds to the risks that construction workers everywhere face, requiring additional seasonal awareness. EHS Today suggests that to improve site...

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