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Speeding Deaths In New York Soar

Traffic in NYC.

Nationwide, fatalities that involve speeding are up 17% over two years.

One of the most common types of driver negligence, speeding results in thousands of serious and often deadly car accidents every year. According to statistics on fatal speeding car accidents maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding as a contributing factor in accidents has gotten worse in New York over the past ten years.

Speeding fatalities rose by 17% from 2019 to 2020, and another estimated 5% from 2020 to 2021. Even advancements in vehicle safety and passenger protection cannot keep people safe from the dangers of speeding.

New York speeding accidents

More than 36% of NY car accident deaths involve speeding. This is significantly higher than the national rate. According to NHTSA, in 2020, there were 11,258 people killed in speeding-related traffic crashes, and speeding was a contributing factor in 29% of all fatal crashes nationally.

New York City has had to face many devastating car accidents involving speeding already in 2023.

  • Earlier this month, two teenagers were killed and four more people were injured in a Washington Heights accident allegedly involving speeding and a stolen vehicle.
  • In June, a man who had been issued 91 school-zone speeding violations was sentenced to multiple years in prison for a 2021 pedestrian accident that killed a three-month-old baby who was being pushed in a stroller on the sidewalk.
  • And in May, a 14-year-old passenger was killed in a Queens crash when the vehicle's driver was allegedly speeding and crashed into a parked delivery van.

Why is speeding dangerous?

Speed increases impact intensity, thereby increasing the likelihood of severe and fatal injuries in a crash. Speeding can reduce a driver's ability to negotiate curves or maneuver around obstacles in the roadway, extends the distance traveled before a vehicle can stop, and increases the distance a vehicle travels. In contrast, the driver reacts to a hazard. Speeding can also increase the risk of crashes and injuries because other vehicles and pedestrians may not be able to judge distance correctly. Overall, speeding is dangerous because:

  • Drivers need much more time to react to what's in front of them while driving.
  • Drivers need a greater distance to stop when applying their vehicle's brakes.
  • Drivers are at a much higher risk of losing control of their cars.
  • Speeding reduces the effectiveness of a car's safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags.

Raising awareness and helping accident victims in NYC

In general, most drivers know that speeding is bad, but they don't understand the true impact their actions could have, according to researchers. A major study of habitual speeders found they believe they are "safe" drivers who can handle speed well. They know the risks - citations and crashes - but think it won't happen to them.

If speeding drivers fully understand the danger they cause by going too fast, they would choose to be more responsible - or at least that's what this summer's NHTSA awareness campaign, "Speeding Will Slow You Down," says.

Speeding drivers "need to be aware that speeding is unsafe and increases crash risk," an NHTSA report says. "Once they have that realization, the human impact of their actions becomes more tangible. They don't want to be responsible for inflicting the pain and suffering from a crash on others."

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