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What to Do If You're Hit By a Car

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Pedestrian accidents in the Bronx and surrounding New York are often catastrophic. They can happen due to distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding or reckless driving. With little protection against the impact of a vehicle, and little time to get out of the way, pedestrians often sustain severe injuries. And following an accident, they may not be able to recall the important details that could help their claim.

In many cases, there are steps you can take after you've been hit by a car. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney at Giampa Law will handle the rest so you can focus on recovery. We'll gather the facts and build a strong case against the motorist and their insurance company. Contact us today.

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    Steps you should take after being hit

    If your injuries aren't too severe, there are immediate steps you can take in order to file a prompt claim:

    • Call the police: Always call the police immediately. A detailed police report will document the facts, which is always beneficial to your claim.
    • Take photos: Snapping pictures of the accident scene can help document important details in your claim. Also take pictures of any visible injuries.
    • Exchange information with the driver: Remain calm and make sure you get the driver's insurance policy, license number, license plate, and contact information.
    • Get eyewitness information: Having an eyewitness account to testify on your behalf will help prove that the motorist was at fault.
    • Get medical attention: Injury symptoms may not be immediately apparent. Due to shock, you may not realize that you have a broken bone or other severe injury. Even if you feel OK, always seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    In the case of a hit and run, it is best to get witness information immediately. If you're able to, you can snap a picture of the vehicle. Luckily, you may be covered by uninsured motorist insurance. If the at-fault driver is found, the driver's insurance is responsible for compensating your medical costs, loss of wages and suffering. Don't let them offer you a small settlement, let our trusted law firm uncover the full cost of your recovery.

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    If you have been injured after being hit by a car, you need an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to pursue your case. Why risk the financial burden of medical costs and loss of wages? You deserve better, and we will get results. With decades of experience, Giampa Law knows how to handle pedestrian accident cases and win. Contact us at our Bronx office for a free consultation.

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