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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is one of the most widely used transit systems in the Bronx and throughout New York City. Passengers often put their trust and safety into the hands of a subway train operator or NYC bus driver, or in one of the other transit companies serving the New York area. Transit accidents can happen unexpectedly and the injuries sustained by passengers can be devastating.

Our personal injury attorneys at Giampa Law know how to handle transit accident cases. Our strategy works and the proof is in our case results. With decades of experience serving the Bronx and surrounding New York, we will aggressively pursue your case and maximize your compensation.

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    Causes of transit accidents in New York

    Train accidents can happen on New York subways and above-ground trains due to:

    • Derailment: Serious injuries often occur when the train derails from the tracks.
    • Collision with another train: Mechanical errors and human error are often the cause of train collisions. This type of accident can cause hundreds of passengers to get hurt.
    • Train defect or poor: A mechanical error or poorly maintained train is prone to an accident- putting several passengers in danger.
    • Poorly maintained tracks: Debris on the tracks or track defects that are neglected can result in a train accident.
    • Negligence of train conductor: Train conductors are required to always be attentive to train operations in New York. Failure to do so puts lives at risk.

    Bus accidents can happen in New York due to:

    • Bus driver negligence or inexperience: The driver could be driving while distracted, drowsy, reckless, or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The city or bus company is responsible for hiring drivers who are experienced and have a good driving record.
    • Negligence of another driver: Another driver could have been driving while distracted, drowsy, or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Speeding and reckless driving can often cause a passenger vehicle to cause an accident with a bus.
    • Bus defect or poor maintenance: The city or bus company is required to make sure their vehicles are safe to operate. A poorly maintained bus puts the lives of staff, passengers, motorists, and pedestrians at risk.
    • Hazardous weather conditions: Snow, sleet, freezing rain, heavy rain, or high winds can cause a bus accident to occur. Drivers are expected to slow down and use caution during hazardous weather conditions, but some accidents caused by weather are difficult to avoid.

    No matter what caused a transit accident to occur, you should always seek immediate medical attention. Take pictures and exchange information with witnesses if you're able to. Take your claim seriously from the start. You can trust our law firm to handle the rest. We'll investigate and gather the facts needed to build a strong case. Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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    Nobody plans for a transit accident. But if you have been injured because of someone else's negligence, you shouldn't have to pay for your own recovery. We can help. With vast knowledge of New York's legal system, Giampa Law will hold the negligent parties accountable. Contact us today and schedule an appointment at our Bronx office. If you can't make it, then we'll come to you. We are dedicated to helping residents of the Bronx and New York City seek justice.

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