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Minor injuries often require a simple medical examination and short duration of recovery. But serious injuries can take months or years to recover from. In some cases, an injury can result in permanent damage or death. Serious injuries in New York can be sustained from workplace accidents, slip and fall accidents, car and truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and medical malpractice. Injury victims may no longer be able to work or engage in everyday activities because of another party's irresponsibility. That's not right.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury, you need to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers. No matter how severe or complex your case may be, Giampa Law can help. Our law firm has decades of experience and knowledge to tackle the most complicated cases. Your injury could take years to recover from. You may even require a lifetime of treatment. Contact us for a free consultation.

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    What are serious injuries?

    Serious injuries include, but are not limited to:

    • Head injuries/brain damage
    • Neck, back and spinal damage
    • Paralysis
    • Amputations
    • Permanent loss or limitation of use of an organ/body part
    • Fractures/bone injuries
    • Burns and lacerations
    • Fatal injury

    Nobody deserves to face the burden of a serious injury. Unfortunately, there are good people throughout New York who suffer because of someone else's negligence. You shouldn't have to suffer any more. That's why Giampa Law is here to help. We'll aggressively pursue your case and maximize your compensation.

    What is a herniated disc?

    Another common accident injury is a herniated disc. This is a type of back injury in which the soft, rubber-like cushions (called discs) between the bones in the spine (backbone) tear or leak and get pushed through the hard exterior of the disc.

    Sometimes referred to as a bulging disc or ruptured disc, herniated disc injuries often result in very severe back pain and may require back surgery to correct them. Pain in other parts of the body – including neck pain, arm pain and leg pain – are also common when it comes to herniated discs.

    If such injuries are not diagnosed and treated right away, muscle pain and tightness can get worse over time. As a result, walking or lifting objects or performing other routine tasks can become more challenging. That’s why it’s critical that anyone suffering from a herniated disc seeks medical attention right away.

    Coma due to serious injury accidents

    Another serious injury that can occur due to an accident is a coma. Sometimes referred to as persistent vegetative state, a coma is medical term used to describe a deep state of unconsciousness. Injury victims in a coma cannot talk or move voluntarily. They appear to be asleep and only move involuntarily.

    Injury victims in a coma may be in a vegetative state for hours, days or sometimes even for weeks, months or years. Individuals who sustain head trauma in an accident may go into a coma. Other injuries or underlying illnesses also sometimes result in a coma.

    Whether someone comes out of a coma and how long they’re in a coma can depend on many different factors. Comas rarely last longer than 2 to 4 weeks. However, some people do remain in a coma much longer. When someone is in a coma, it’s critical that medical professionals take steps to prevent infections and maintain physical health.

    Common amputation injuries

    Amputation injuries due to an accident can cover a wide range. In general, there are two main types of amputation injuries – traumatic amputation and surgical amputation. Traumatic amputation is when the loss of a limb or body part occurs due to an accident. A surgical amuputation is when a surgeon removes a body part surgically, often due to a severe injury, infection, tumor, gangrene or lack of blood supply in the injured limb.

    Specific types of amputation injuries based on the location of the injury include:

    • Forequarter amputation (complete amputation of the shoulder and arm from the base of the neck)
    • Shoulder Disarticulation (SD) (amputation of the sholder and arm)
    • Transhumeral amputation (amputation of the arm above the elbow)
    • Elbow Disarticulation (ED) (amputation of the arm at the elbow)
    • Transradial amputation (amputation of the arm below the elbow)
    • Hand/ Wrist Disarticulation
    • Transcarpal (Partial Hand PH amputation)
    • Transmetacarpal (amputation of the finger, often the index finger)
    • Hemicorporectomy (amputation of the entire body below the waist)
    • Hemipelvectomy/ Hindquarter amputation (amputation of the entire leg from the pelvis)
    • Hip Disarticulation (amputation of the leg from the hip down)
    • Transfemoral (amputation of the leg from above the knee)
    • Knee Disarticulation (amputation of the leg from above the knee without touching the femur and patella)
    • Transtibial (amputation of the leg below knee)
    • Ankle Disarticulation (amputation of the ankle and foot)
    • Partial Foot/ray resection
    • Toe disarticulation (amputation of a toe)
    • Partial Toe (amputation of part of a toe)

    Common surgical procedures

    There are many different types of surgical procedures performed on injury vicitims. Depending what type of injury you sustained, such surgical procedures may include:

    • Knee surgery
    • Back surgery
    • Spinal fusion surgery
    • Plastic surgery
    • Rotator cuff surgery

    These are just some of the surgical procedures often performed on people injured in serious accidents. Many other surgical procedures are common depending on what type of injury you or a loved one sustained. That’s why it’s important that you have a doctor examine you right away, diagnose what’s wrong and advise you on different medical treatment options.

    Why choose us?

    However your injury happened, Giampa Law will hold the negligent parties accountable. No matter how much the responsible parties or insurance companies try to evade accountability, there is no downplaying a serious injury. Your quality of life can further be jeopardized by accumulating medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering. You deserve justice.

    For decades, Giampa Law has proudly served the Bronx and New York City. Our dedication to injury victims and their families is proven through our case results. Our strategy works. Contact us at our Bronx office. If you have limited mobility and are unable to speak with us in person, we'll come to you. We are here to help.

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