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New Yorkers trust doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals to do the right thing - to make us better and to follow the code of ethics they are taught to live by; "to do no harm." Unfortunately, some medical professionals do the exact opposite. Instead of curing patients' health conditions, some health care workers create even worse medical problems.

When you turn to a medical practitioner for treatment, you place your trust and confidence in them based on their specialized medical training, knowledge, and experience. You have a right to expect a certain standard of care.

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    When medical professionals fail to follow those standards and cause harm to you or a loved one, they must be held accountable for their actions. At Giampa Law, our medical malpractice attorneys have dedicated their careers to fighting for the rights of injury victims just like you.

    We know how to find the evidence you need to build a strong case and win. We're proud of our case results and we're eager to work with you. We've secured millions of dollars in medical malpractice verdicts and settlements, including:

    • $5 Million settlement  for medical malpractice/wrongful death in Kings County
    • $2.5 million verdict for medical malpractice case in Bronx County, NY
    • $1 million verdict for medical malpractice case in Bronx County, NY
    • $800,000 settlement for medical malpractice case in Orange County, NY

    Types of medical malpractice cases

    The sad truth is that hospital staff, doctors, nurses, technicians, and pharmacists sometimes make mistakes. While not every mistake can be prevented, when doctors ignore evidence, perform the wrong procedures or fail to follow protocol, they are said to be negligent - leading to a legitimate malpractice claim. Some common medical mistakes include, but are not limited to:

    Whatever type of medical malpractice case you're dealing with, no matter how simple or complicated it might seem, contact our law firm right away. We can help you hold the medical professionals who harmed you or your loved one accountable for their actions. We also handle wrongful death cases for families of patients who have died due to medical errors.

    What makes medical malpractice cases so complicated?

    Surgeons, doctors and other medical professionals often deny doing anything wrong. Instead of admitting they made a mistake, most health care professionals will do everything they can to defend their actions and insist they did everything they could make you or a loved one better. They may try to point the finger at each other, leading to drawn-out legal battles over liability.

    Medical professionals - and the hospitals and healthcare agencies that employ them - rarely wage such battles on their own. They often hire entire teams of attorneys to defend their actions. That's why it's critical that you have a lawyer on your side fighting for your rights. That's why you need us.

    Our attorneys at Giampa Law can help guide you during your time of need. We can provide assistance from the earliest stages of malpractice until the completion of your case. This includes determining what went wrong with your treatment and whether or not there are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

    How we can help you

    Our staff can help you determine if malpractice occurred, obtain the necessary evidence needed to prosecute your medical malpractice claim and possibly even help to prevent further harm. In order to build a strong legal case, we frequently consult with medical experts and board-certified physicians. We carefully review medical records as well as inspection reports for the hospital or specific physicians or other health care workers.

    We also look for patterns - did the same doctor or hospital make the same mistake with other patients? If so, you could be part of a class-action lawsuit against the hospital, medical device manufacturer or whoever's responsible for your injuries. And it's critical that you contact us right away. You only have 2 ½ years under New York State law to take legal action in medical malpractice cases.

    Our attorneys and strong support staff have the legal expertise and investigative knowledge to establish and build a substantive medical malpractice case on your behalf. We know what we're doing because we've been successfully helping clients for more than three decades. Allow us to help you in your time of need. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today.

    Lincoln Hospital

    Lincoln Hospital has long served the medical needs of Mott Haven and beyond. Affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical College, Lincoln Hospital is the place many residents with urgent medical needs come to when they need help. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made. And when they occur, the consequences can be devastating. Contact our medical malpractice attorneys if you're dealing with a surgical error, birth injury, medication error or another mistake made by doctors, nurses or other hospital staff.

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    Montefiore Medical Center

    Located in the East Bronx, Montefiore Medical Center is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. If you believe that hospital staff (surgeons, nurses, doctors, etc.) made a mistake which resulted in an injury to yourself or a loved one, contact our law firm. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with medical malpractice cases in the Bronx. We handle cases involving birth injuries, surgical mistakes, medication errors, diagnosis errors and more. Whatever went wrong, we want to help you.

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    Jacobi Medical Center

    Located in the Morris Park neighborhood of the Bronx, Jacobi Medical Center has served the medical needs of the Bronx for more than six decades. Unfortunately, surgeons, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals make mistakes. When they do, the results can be serious. That's why it's critical that you contact our law firm if you suspect medical malpractice. We can investigate whether mistakes were made resulting in a birth injury or another life-threating medical condition. Surgical errors and medication errors are serious business. Contact us.

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    NYP/Lawrence Hospital

    Located in Bronxville, NY in Westchester County, New York-Presbyterian/Lawrence Hospital is affiliated with Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. If a doctor, surgeon, nurse or another health care professional at NYP/Lawrence Hospital made a mistake resulting in a serious injury to you or a loved one, contact our law firm. You may have a medical malpractice case due to a surgical error, medication error or misdiagnosis. Our medical malpractice attorneys also handle birth injury cases.

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    North Central

    Located in the Norwood neighborhood of the Bronx, NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx has been providing medical services to the area for four decades. When patients here are hurt by the negligence of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, they have legal rights. You or a loved one may have been injured due to a surgical error, medication error or early discharge.  We can help. Contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at Giampa Law today.

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    Westchester Square

    Now a campus of Montefiore Medical Center, Westchester Square Hospital is a longstanding provider of medical care in the neighborhood, specializing in outpatient care. But when doctors and nurses here fail to provide safe, effective care, patients suffered. You may have been hurt due to a miscommunication, wrong diagnosis or medication error. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers can fight for justice on your behalf. Contact Giampa Law.

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