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Surgeons in New York City make life or death decisions every single day. The smallest mistake can have serious consequences - life-threatening health problems, chronic medical conditions and even death.

Worst of all, many of these surgical errors could have been prevented. That's why it's critical that you take strong legal action right away if you or a loved one has been harmed due to a surgical procedure. That's why you need Giampa Law, Bronx surgical error attorneys serving injury victims' medical malpractice needs throughout New York City.

Our knowledgeable legal staff has decades of experience handling such complex cases. That's why we consistently secure sizable settlements and verdicts for injury victims and their families in the Bronx and beyond. We know what evidence matters and what to do to make things right.

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    What are common surgical errors?

    Surgical errors cover a wide range. While surgery is complex enough that not all adverse effects can be prevented, surgeons and surgical technicians are responsible for maintaining very high standards of care. Some of the most common surgical error cases we handle at our law firm include:

    • Performing the wrong operation
    • Operating on the wrong body part
    • Infections caused by unsanitary conditions
    • Delay of surgery
    • Operating on the wrong patient
    • Leaving a piece of surgical equipment inside a patient

    These errors can occur for many different reasons. In many cases, common contributing factors include:

    • Lack of sleep - tired surgeons often make mistakes
    • Inexperienced surgeon or medical staff member
    • Poor communication between operating staff
    • Surgeons operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    Whatever surgical error issue you're dealing with, no matter how minor or serious it might seem, contact our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation at our Bronx office. We can also meet with you in your hospital room, your home or wherever works best for you.

    How we can help you

    Surgeons rarely admit to making mistakes. The same is true for the surgical nurses and technicians who work with them. Instead of admitting wrongdoing and working with patients to make things right, most surgeons refuse to admit they did anything wrong. As a result, the insurance company representing the surgeon or hospital will often refuse to compensate you for your injuries.

    Don't let them push you around. Get the justice you deserve. Get Giampa Law. We know how to take on insurance companies and beat them at their own game. We know how to negotiate with them and get results. And if they refuse to negotiate, we're prepared to take them to court.

    We know how the find the evidence that matters to build successful legal cases. We frequently consult with board-certified physicians and other medical professionals to get their expert opinions.  We leave no stone unturned. Schedule a free consultation with us and find out how we can help you get your life back on track.

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