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Bus Accidents in New York

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Bus accidents in New York can be devastating. Unlike accidents involving passenger vehicles, you're not just dealing with a driver and their insurance company. As with truck accidents, there are usually multiple passengers, as well as the driver and other motorist.

While bus accidents can be complex, Giampa Law knows how to gather the facts and build a strong case. We have decades of experience handling bus accidents, and our results speak for themselves. Contact one of our experienced bus accident attorneys and find out how we can help you.

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    There are a number of factors that can cause a bus accident. They usually include:

    • Negligence of the driver: A bus driver who is distracted, drowsy, driving recklessly or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol puts passengers and other motorists in danger.
    • Driver is inexperienced: Bus drivers must be properly trained and experienced. Failure to hire a driver who is experienced or has a poor driving record be a liability.
    • Negligence of another motorist: A bus accident could be caused by the negligence of another motorist.
    • Bus was defective or wasn't properly maintained: Bus companies and local municipalities are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are safe to drive.
    • Hazardous weather conditions: Snow, sleet, flooding, and other severe weather can lead to an accident that may not be the fault of the driver or another motorist. If the city failed to clear the roads of ice and snow, then they can be held accountable.

    If you have been injured in a bus accident because of the driver's negligence, you need to act fast. Seek immediate medical attention. If you can, obtain pictures, a police report and eyewitness information. The longer you wait, the more it will hurt your claim. An experienced bus accident attorney at Giampa Law can handle your case. Contact us today.

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    If another motorist was at fault for a bus accident that you were injured in, you can file a third party claim against their insurance company. They may offer you a low-ball settlement that won't cover the full cost of your medical bills and loss of wages. Don't settle for less; talk to an attorney first.

    If the bus driver was at fault, filing a claim can get more complicated. The bus company or city could attempt to deny your claim. But no matter who was at fault, Giampa Law will investigate and aggressively pursue your case. We'll fight for the results you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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