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New study finds odd ways people drive distracted

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We all know how tempting it can be to want to check a cellphone notification when we hear a buzz or a ding. Cellphones have added so much convenience to the lives of most people, that using them often causes distraction from critical tasks, such as driving.

New York City ranks the worst metropolitan area for distracted driving

Insurance marketplace website The Zebra conducted a survey of 2,600 drivers across 25 American cities, including New York City. One part of the survey asked how often drivers used cellphones during the average 30 minute commute. Each city was given a score from 0-100. New York City ranked the worst city in the study for distracted driving with a score of 43.7. Seattle, Washington ranked the best city with a score of 29.5.

The use of cellphones while driving is illegal across New York City and the state. That means drivers who use cellphones for any reason can be stopped by police and cited. Penalties for violating this traffic law include a $150 fine and two points added to a driving record.

There are only two exemptions:

  • A phone must be connected through a hands-free device or mounted.
  • Drivers may only use cellphones when reporting an emergency.

According to the survey, 82% of respondents believed that using a cellphone is OK if it is set to speakerphone or connected through Bluetooth. This may be in compliance with New York's distracted driving law. The survey also found that:

  • 64% of respondents thought it was OK to use a cellphone for GPS navigation.
  • 30% said they were able to type and send text messages without taking their eyes off the road.
  • 23% use cellphones because they think driving is boring.

Other forms of distracted driving

Cellphones get most of the scrutiny when it comes to distracted driving, but they are not the only cause. Any activity that causes visual, manual or cognitive distraction can be just as dangerous as using a cellphone.

The survey identified many other ways that drivers engage in distracting behavior. Be warned, some of it is disturbing. Among the 2,600 survey respondents:

  • 47% admitted to picking their noses while driving.
  • 36% admitted to eating a full meal while driving.
  • 36% admitted to kissing someone while driving.
  • 27% admitted to taking off or putting on clothes while driving.
  • 25% admitted to cleaning their dashboards or windows while driving.
  • 17.5% admitted to brushing their hair while driving.
  • 15% admitted to applying makeup or deodorant while driving.
  • 15% admitted to engaging in sexual activity while driving.

Know your legal rights if you were injured in an accident with a distracted driver

If you or a loved one was injured in a crash caused by a distracted driver, you have the right to pursue legal damages from the driver's insurance provider through a car accident claim. Let an experienced Bronx attorney at Giampa Law help you build a strong case and get compensated for all of your losses.

To learn how to get started, contact us online and schedule your free consultation.

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