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More Non-union Job Sites Lead to More Fatalities

A decrease in unions and inspections threatens the safety of construction sites As the number of construction projects in New York City continue to rise, so do the number of construction accident fatalities. There has been an 18% increase in the number of work permits and construction projects in recent years, with only 71 Occupational...

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Fatal Construction Accidents Put Safety in Spotlight

Pair of fatal Manhattan construction accidents raise concerns over workplace safety In late September, a pair of construction accidents claimed the lives of two Manhattan workers just hours apart from one another. The accidents sent shockwaves through a city already struggling to curb construction-related accidents, with the fatalities representing the city’s sixth and seventh of...

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Construction Deaths Draw Attention to Proposed Law

With all of the new work happening in and around New York City, the threat of construction accidents is a constant concern for those building and maintaining our roads and iconic skyline. This concern is the focus of a bill that has been pending in city council since this past spring, which is still undergoing...

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Elevated Injury Risks on Non-Union Construction Sites

Construction sites can be dangerous places, and construction workers need to be adequately trained to manage those hazards. But in too many cases, construction managers prioritize speed and profit over safety, leading to deadly construction accidents. New York contractors’ unions have long been advocates for stricter regulations that will prevent accidents and improve safety on...

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Bronx Construction Accidents More Likely in Companies Facing High Earnings Pressures

When companies have a culture that involves a high earnings pressures, Bronx construction accidents are more likely. That's according to a recent study published in the Journal of Accounting and Economics that found workplace injuries and fatalities soar when managers are under high-stress to bolster the bottom line. As our Bronx construction accident attorneys know, companies...

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Liability of Company Owners in Construction Worker Deaths

Death of a young worker prompts a call to action When construction site owners ignore the complaints and concerns of their employees, the consequences can be fatal. This was the case with the tragic death of an 18-year-old laborer and his two injured coworkers in 2015. The owner of two Brooklyn construction companies was eventually...

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Apprenticeship Bill Seeks to Curb New York City Construction Accidents

The construction boom in New York City, marked by renovations and new developments across all five boroughs, has meant an influx of construction crews and vehicles throughout the city. It hasn't gone unnoticed by city officials and safety advocates, who have been trying to implement a number of measures that would prevent construction accidents and make...

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African-American and Latino workers are more likely to be injured at work

Experienced workplace injury attorneys examine the divide According to a nationwide study, Latino immigrants and Black workers were found to be at greater risk for workplace injury. Conducted by USC and Boston University researchers and published in Health Affairs, this study showed that Latino immigrant and Black workers were injured more often on the job....

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Bronx NY attorney praises The New Yorker for prison suicide article

Questions remain involving suicide of 22-year-old inmate in solitary confinement Bronx, N.Y. civil rights lawyer Zachary K. Giampa of Giampa Law hopes a recent, in-depth article in The New Yorker about the suicide of 22-year-old Bronx resident Lonnie Hamilton while in solitary confinement in prison nearly one year ago sparks renewed interest in the mysterious...

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