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New Yorkers know. If you want something, you have to fight for it. We get it at Giampa Law. We know we have to work hard to get you what matters most, especially after you've been injured in an accident. Whether it's taking on insurance companies or representing you in court, we won't back down when you need us.

Based in the Bronx and serving all of New York, we know the city and know what it takes to win. That's why we're the first call for so many New Yorkers after a car crash, construction accident or other injury. That's why our law firm consistently wins sizable settlements and verdicts for injured New Yorkers and their families. That's why people know our attorneys in the Bronx and beyond. They know that we know how the legal system works. And we have the results to prove it:

$3.5 million
Workplace Accident
$3.5 million
Construction Accident
$2.5 million
Medical Malpractice
$1.8 million
Bus Accident
$1.6 million
Workplace Accident
$1.5 million
Pedestrian Accident
$1.475 million
Trip & Fall
$1.3 million
Car Accident/Workers Compensation
$1.3 million
Premises Liability
$1.2 million
Work Related Accident
$1 million
Medical Malpractice
Premises Liability/Assault
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Beat The System

The legal system can seem stacked against you after a serious accident. Instead of insurance companies working with you to get you the money you deserve, many insurance providers do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. All this might seem like a game to them. We know the truth. In the Bronx and throughout New York City, your life as you know it can be turned upside down if you don't get the money you need after your accident.

Don't let insurance companies push you around. Put the power of our experienced attorneys to work for you. Insurance companies don't intimidate us. We know how to beat them at their own game. And if they don't cooperate with us, we'll file a lawsuit against them and take them to court. Once we start working on your case, we won't give in until you get what you need.

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Fighting for Justice
For You

Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to standing up for New Yorkers when it matters most. Whether you're a victim of discrimination, facing criminal charges or blowing the whistle on illegal activity, we can help. Give your case an edge. Get Giampa Law. We know how to find the facts and make things right.

Your Family First

The Giampa family has dedicated their careers to fighting for the rights of injury victims in the Bronx and throughout New York City. Attorneys Richard L. Giampa and Zachary K. Giampa have handled many tough personal injury cases. They've gone up against large corporations and won when it matters most.

We consistently win cases because we personally handle each one. We won't treat you like a client. We'll treat you like family. We'll take the time to learn about your case. We'll return your phone calls and keep you informed. Even if we have to spend months or years getting you the right result, we won't rest until justice is served.

Gain An Advantage

A lot of lawyers in New York talk about what they can do for clients. We think actions speak louder than words. That's why we want to meet with you. Building a successful legal case often takes a tremendous amount of time. And the sooner we can start working with you, the better.

Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation at our Bronx office near Yankee Stadium and the Supreme Court of Bronx County. We can also meet with you at another location that works best for you. And don't worry about whether you can afford us. You only have to pay if we win. We work this way because we believe everyone deserves exceptional legal representation. If someone did something to cause your accident, you deserve to be compensated. 

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